Global Tennis Team International Academy, Mallorca

Tennis in Mallorca

Mallorca offers ideal conditions for tennis training and the culture of tennis is very strong on the island. It's no wonder why both Tennis Champions and French Open winners Rafael Nadal and Carlos Moya grew up and trained in here!  

The climate is warm but moderate and is perfect for clay court tennis practice. Above all, Mallorca has a strong culture for outdoor sports alongside some of the world's best beaches which make it a very attractive holiday destination for tennis lovers. 

The Global Tennis Academy, Mallorca

The Global Tennis Academy offers an intensive training experience to any player with the dream of playing Pro Tennis, or at the very least, training as a Pro during your stay. The academy is run by well-known Spanish Tennis coach Jofre Porta

No hype, no gimmicks - just proven track records producing tennis champions; Carlos Moya & Rafa Nadal were once among elite Tennis Europe juniors training at the academy. You'll experience an avant-garde and progressive tennis system which has groomed professional players to become No. 1 in the world.

This intimate tennis academy on Mallorca Island is where Jofre Porta himself resides. His high level coaching staff lives and breathes tennis and it's contagious from the moment you hit the dirt.

  • The court ratio is kept small on purpose
  • The match play is highly competitive and the physical is challenging
  • The focus is on mental toughness & strategic clarity
  • The tennis experience is simple & clear, 'come ready to play'

Jofre Porta's training is customized, so no set sub-systems apply here. The hand selected professional trainers always have high competition in mind. They stress playing with the body not only the racket, so be prepared for a full-body tennis workout. Getting one-on-one time with Jofre is an experience all of its own. So schedule some personal time through Costa del Tennis, and get exceptional value you won't soon forget.

This Global Tennis Academy is simple and focuses on professional tennis. Fitness is executed at the on-site gym with further training at the beach. While the on-court life requires a lot of discipline, off-court, junior players relax and enjoy activities on this beautiful island with Afiza Porta. Adult players or teams staying off campus enjoy Mallorca accommodation and activities all on your own.

Costa Del Tennis Program

Costa Del Tennis focuses on providing top notch tennis training and holidays in Spain for single adults, couples, groups and junior players. They currently offer tennis packages in 3 locations:

  • Mallorca (Balearic Islands),
  • Gran Canaria (Canary Islands) and
  • Barcelona. 

In Mallorca you'll find an intense international boarding academy focused on high level players. The facility in Barcelona is a private club great for adults and juniors looking to train with local top players in Catalonia. Host families are available. Gran Canaria specializes in adult players. This is our most visited holiday destination which includes high level tennis training.

Tennis Golf Gym Swimming

The Beach

​Mallorca is top destination for beach & sun tan lovers and have been rated amongst some of the world's best beaches. Check out the idyllic beaches of Cala Varques, Es Trenc and Sa Calobra.

Golf and Outdoor Sports

The prestigious Camp de Mar golf course, Golf de Andratx, is located only a few minutes away from Paguera. Around Paguera the mountainous pine forests and beautiful countryside is a fantastic playground for hikes and bike trips. 

Discover Palma Old Town

Palma is Mallorca's capital city looks out over the sparkling blue seas of the Mediterranean. The presence of the Romans, Arabs and Moors is visible throughout the city. The old historical town is ideal for strolling, shopping or relaxing in a café.

Academy Facilities

  • Clay Courts
  • Fitness room
  • Full boarding including accommodation and restaurant for junior player residents


Costa Del Tennis offers a selection of handpicked local hotels during your stay.