Emilio Sanchez Academy, Barcelona

A World-Class Tennis Academy
Barcelona is one of the most attractive destinations in Spain and, at the same time, is home to a world-class tennis academy. Founded in 1998 by Emilio Sánchez Vicario (a former World #7 player) and Sergio Casal, the Academia Sánchez-Casal is an educational institution with the highest standards. The Academia Sanchez-Casal has a proven track record of developing successful young people through all stages of their lives, both in tennis and in life success.

Academia Sánchez-Casal believes that using tennis as an educational resource within the 'Academia' framework is the vehicle for personal development. Student-athletes will continue to be good citizens of the world long after they leave Sanchez-Casal, due to the skills and interests developed at the Academia. Their mission at the Academia Sánchez-Casal is "creating opportunities in tennis, education, and life."

There is a focus on teaching and harnessing the core values of education, competitiveness, enthusiasm, and industriousness. The academy has a unique training system, as well as a high-performance research centre and qualified teachers to teach Sanchez-Casal’s own brand of education.

This successful method enables students to obtain scholarships in universities across the United States and the world and has been used by professional ATP tennis players such as:

  • Andy Murray - Wimbledon and Olympic Champion
  • Grigor Dimitrov - Former World Top 8 
  • Juan Monaco - Former World Top 10 

WTA players have also found glory and success after being a part of the Academia Sanchez-Casal:

  • Svetlana Kuznetsova- U.S. Open and Roland Garros Champion
  • Daniela Hantuchova- Former World Top 5 
  • Tamira Paszek- Former World Top 30 

High-Performance Training and International Schools
The High-Performance training method at Academia Sanchez-Casal is closely linked to the academic development of the players, provided by the ES International School located within the Academy's Sports Campus. The Academy offers excellent study programs for juniors that include schooling and language programs, as well as weekly training camps for kids and adults of all levels. Conveniently located only 5 minutes away from Barcelona International Airport, the Academia Sanchez-Casal is easily accessible and reduces the stress of a long trip if you fly into Barcelona.

Tennis Gym Swimming

During the program, the player can use all club facilities:

  • Tennis courts
  • Paddle courts
  • Swimming pool
  • Fitness area.

Lose Yourself in Barcelona
Barcelona is one of the most exciting cities in the world, so make sure you take the time to enjoy it. This amazing city has served as an inspiration to writers, poets, songwriters, and even architects. Barcelona is blessed with the largest collection of architectural works by Antoni Gaudi.
Gaudi’s masterpieces seem to be found at every corner of the city, not to mention his most majestic piece of work: La Sagrada Familia. Barcelona is a city that can be discovered by foot, bicycle or public transport, so clear your schedule for a day (or two) and give yourself a chance to properly discover the heart and soul of Cataluny.

Tapas (Yum!)
Stop at a tapas bar and enjoy the amazing food that Barcelona has to offer. Traditional dishes from all over the country can be found in Barcelona, making it even more interesting due to the amalgamation of Spanish culture. If you still have some energy after your tennis sessions, tapas, and sangria, head out to discover the truly unique nightlife of this city. Tapas are often seafood-rich, but also come in vegetarian and other varieties.

The Beaches
There are beautiful beaches located only 15 km from the Academia Sanchez-Casal. It's worth the trip to cool down after your intense tennis training camp, and rejoice in the beach waters, especially during the warm summer months.

Tennis Facilities
Academia Sanchez-Casal is fully equipped to provide quality tennis lessons and training programs. These include 27 outdoor courts that vary between hard courts, clay courts and grass courts.

The accommodation at Academia Sanchez-Casal is adapted to meet the needs of each player. Players can choose to live on-campus at the residence, which is supervised by a head supervisor and a team of supervisors.The apartments have a separate entryway, providing exclusive access to the apartment area via an electronic card. Apartment residents can request half board or full board at the restaurant.

The campus is monitored by staff and internal CCTV cameras 24 hours a day to ensure security.

Language Program
The Language Program offers the possibility of combining weekly, monthly, and annual tennis programs with Spanish or English as a Foreign Language (EFL) courses. These are carried out on-site at the Academia Sánchez-Casal campus and are tailored to fit a young athlete’s schedule.

The language program is perfectly designed for athletes wishing to train in their favorite sport at the Academy while learning Spanish or English. Students are involved in a process of linguistic communication and intensive practice of the four basic elements of language education: oral comprehension, written expression, and reading proficiency.

With a total of 7½ hours per week, the language courses are delivered in the afternoons, Monday to Friday, making them totally compatible with training at the Academia Sánchez-Casal. Classes can start every Monday, giving students a chance to join after the year has started.

The Food & Beverages department works closely with the nutrition department to prepare menus and select the freshest produce. The Academy provides a wide variety of dishes and ensures a perfect balance of a proper diet for all guests.

Physical Training
The fitness department collaborates with the Sánchez-Casal Academy tennis coaches to enhance the physical abilities of players and create strategies to prevent common sports injuries.

Sports Psychology
The Psychology Department at the Sanchez-Casal Academy aims to promote the emotional, academic, sporting, and social well-being of its students.

Video Analysis
Video analysis is a valuable tool for identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a player. It can help detect patterns or styles of play that are frequently repeated, and enable the development of strategies to overcome them.

The Academia Sánchez-Casal offers all student-athletes necessary medical coverage to either treat or prevent serious injuries. This includes treatments for torn ACL and MCL, as well as other torn muscles and ligaments.

Pro Shop
The Pro shop is a professional tennis shop that offers a wide range of new sports products and services to all Academy clients without having to leave the sports campus.