Emilio Sánchez Academy, Florida

A world-class tennis academy

A successful model created by Emilio Sánchez Vicario and Sergio Casal in 1998. The Emilio Sánchez Academy is considered as a well known reference for its unique training system established by coaches with worldwide reputation and for developing elite players such as Kuznetsova, Murray, Dimitrov, Hantuchova, Mónaco, among others.

Students in the weekly training programs benefit from the world renowned ESA 360 Performance System, it includes Technical, Tactical, Physical and Mental training.

Tennis Gym Swimming

Naples is the crown jewel of Southwest Florida - nestled on the beautiful, sun-drenched beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. A destination that appeals to nature lovers and beach fanatics. Naples is also close to the untamed tropical wilderness of The Everglades.

National Parks
Head off to the Everglades National Park which is a stunning park. There you can find alligators, raccoons, pelicans and amazing flora.

Shopping and Watersports
Visit Naples which is great for shopping and also has many attractions such as the water park with a dolphin attraction or go to the local beach where you can enjoy watersports such as paddle board, canoeing and more.

Disneyworld is located about a 3-hour drive from the Academy. This amazing attraction definitely offers a magical experience, particularly for the kids.


ES Academy offers two boarding options for you, either on or off-campus, depending on your preference. For on-campus housing, you can rent an apartment for the duration of your stay depending on availability.

ES Academy’s beautiful campus is situated close to all the major attractions in Naples, Florida. With 38 tennis courts, a Tennis Club with a restaurant and cafeteria, its own School, several accommodation options, an Olympic pool and hot tub, and a great Performance Training Center, ES Academy student-athletes have everything they need located directly on campus.