Evert Tennis Academy, Florida

In 1996, Chrissie, John, and their father Jimmy established the Evert Tennis Academy in Boca Raton, Florida. Since then, the academy has become a renowned training ground for countless national and international junior players, top college players, and some of the world's finest professional tennis players. With a combination of championship experience, world-class coaching, cutting-edge training methods, and premier facilities, the Evert Tennis Academy provides unparalleled programs for players of all ages and abilities.

Tennis Gym

Evert Tennis Academy's Holiday Camps (Spring Break, Thanksgiving & Winter Break) are an ideal way for players to experience our expert training programs. Holiday Camp sessions are often a melting pot of cultures, as students travel from all parts of the globe for the opportunity to train with the country's leading coaches. Led by Evert Academy's world-class staff, students combine physical, technical and tactical training and match play coaching to seek improvement. Instruction is based on each student's individual aptitude and is professionally monitored for improvement. 

Evert's Holiday Camps host many players who are preparing for competition and looking to sharpen their game while strengthening their focus, discipline and stamina. Holiday Camp students thrive in Evert Tennis Academy's positive, athlete-centred atmosphere. 

The Evert Tennis Academy boasts modern facilities that are equipped to provide intensive and thorough tennis training in a convenient, accommodating, and professional environment. Our amenities include:

World-Class Playing Surfaces
The Evert Tennis Academy campus comprises 23 courts, which offer two types of playing surfaces, including 12 hard courts and 11 clay courts. Additionally, the Evert Tennis Academy has two secondary sites with over 25 courts to conduct its program, including a private club located only minutes away from the academy.

Pro Shop and Clubhouse
The Evert Tennis Academy's Pro Shop, located in our Clubhouse, carries name brand sports apparel, athletic shoes, equipment, and Evert logo souvenirs. Our clubhouse also encompasses coach and administrative offices, a videoconference room for players and coaches to review and analyze practice and match films, a student lounge, a game room, and an academic classroom complete with wireless internet access.

Strength and Conditioning Room
The Strength and Conditioning Room is conveniently located on the ground floor in the Player Development Building, adjacent to the Evert Dorm. It provides a superb physical training environment, complete with custom-built free weights and energy system equipment, Life Fitness and state-of-the-art resistance machines, medicine balls, physioballs, and much more. Evert Tennis Academy is proud to offer our athletes all the quality tools necessary for strength training and comprehensive physical and aerobic conditioning, in addition to professionally trained and certified physical trainers and coaches.

Dormitory (students aged 18 and younger)
Boarding students enrolled in the Academy, Weekly, or Camp programs stay in two different three-story dormitories. Each dorm room houses two students during the academic year and up to four students during weekly, holiday, and summer sessions. There is a bathroom between each pair of rooms, which is professionally cleaned on a weekly basis. Boys and girls are housed in separate buildings.

All rooms are air-conditioned and equipped with monitored Wi-Fi. Each floor has security cameras and counselor rooms. There is a cafeteria, lounge, laundry room, and a student common area. The Student Services staff regularly inspects rooms, bathrooms, and common areas to ensure appropriate living conditions. Boarding students eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner in our Cafeteria. To satisfy appetites from varied backgrounds and cultures, Evert Tennis Academy provides an ample range of cuisine and multiple nutritional selections for each meal.

Extended Campus Facilities
The Evert Tennis Academy is nestled in the beautiful and secure Mission Bay residential neighborhood, surrounded by lakes, manicured lawns, and lush Floridian foliage. Our convenient location, across the street from Boca Raton Preparatory School and the Mission Bay Clubhouse, provides Evert students and staff with a variety of additional training and recreational amenities, including a soccer field, track, and a training room.