Isola D'elba, Tuscany

Elba Island

The Go Tennis Summer Camps are held on Elba Island, a Mediterranean Island in Tuscany, Italy, 20 kms from the coast and 50 kms east from the French Island named Corsica.

The camp takes places on the Tuscan Archipelago which is the largest island in Elba and part of the Archipelago Toscan National park.

Elba Village

The settlement is a pristine green plateau at the far end, south-east of the island. At its heart is the central nucleus surrounded by 450 acres of woods that come down the slopes of the sea. The coastline stretches for 12 km is a sweet succession of beaches, coves and bays nestled in the cliffs.

You can discover every corner of this paradise on earth and find trails that wind through the untouched nature. A minibus is available for those who want to reach Remaiolo easily.

The Tennis Camps

This Tennis Summer Camp is organized by the very experienced Italian coaching team Go Tennis, the leading provider of Tennis Holidays in Italy. 

This camp offers different events:

  • Adult Summer Camps with the Go Tennis team
  • Training Camp with World-class Coach Riccardo Piatti (#1 Italian tennis coach and former coach of Novak Djokovic and Richard Gasquet)
  • Supercamp with Riccardo Piatti and Massimo Sartori (Andreas Seppi's Coach) 

About Go Tennis

"Travelling with our racquets since 1998", Go Tennis is the leader in organising tennis camps and tennis holidays in Italy.

Go Tennis are a group of dynamic tennis professionals, enriched with an experience that helped them becme the leader in sports tourism in Italy specializing in tennis. They create opportunities to find the perfect mix between tennis and relaxation. With Go Tennis, you will improve your game and enjoy our professionalism, passion and fun, that we bring on our courts.

The Camps are led by Filippo Montanari, Italian federation coach and USPTA Master coach.

Tennis Cycling Watersports

Shop and explore Elba Island

The majestic beauty of the Monte Capanne Mountains (1,019m tall) has made it an internationally renowned place to visit. Despite its proximity to the Tuscan coast, Elba remains an enclave of Italian peace and quietude. Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled here in 1814 for just nine months but his legacy is everywhere.

The shops are a perfect start to find a worthwhile deal and later one could settle by the sea enjoying some mouth-watering pistachio ice cream. Cashmere knitwear is made on the island and the local favorite perfume named Acqua dell'Elba, is a fragrance inspired by the abundant wildflowers and ocean scents.

Explore Elba's beaches

Get a chance to trample different sands every day, which is the chief characteristic of the cape beaches, some of which can only be reached by sea or by enchanting paths.

The Village has an exclusive beach (Remaiolo) equipped with all facilities: bar, restaurant, umbrellas and everything you need for your stay. Access is for the exclusive benefit of customers of the Village and it can be reached by car or with a free shuttle service. 

Planning for dinner on the beach? No problem! The restaurant Calanova will tantalise your taste buds and leave you asking for more.

  • Beach
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Sporting options such as Canoeing, Windsurfing, Mountain Bike Racing & much more