Juan Carlos Ferrero Equelite Tennis Academy, Alicante

The first highlight of the academy is its gardens, set around the courts and the main building. Once here you will notice the peace from every corner because our academy is far from the freeway and the noises of the city. Enjoy our maximum quality courts, always ready for you to use thanks to our maintenance team which works to always keep the academy on point.


JC Ferrero-Equelite Sports Academy is located 5 minutes away from Villena and 30 minutes away from the Airport and beach of Alicante. The area of the Academy is 120.000 square metres and is a perfect place for players to achieve their goals. We provide all the best facilities for our players. The best advantage of the academy is the excellent weather throughout the year and the best quality. Furthermore, all court surfaces are available in the same academy, allowing you to work on good tactical play and footwork.

The Juan Carlos Ferrero Equelite Tennis Academy is located in Villena, northwest of the province of Alicante. It borders west with Castilla-La Mancha and Murcia, and at north with Valencia.

The Academy is easily reached. It's located 2 hours from Madrid by train, 30 minutes from Alicante by car, 20 minutes by train from Alicante, or 1 hour ​​from Valencia by car​.

Villena is an old city and its most important monument is located at the top of the town: an ancient Arabic castle. The original city center was located at the foot of the imposing fortress.

The lords of the distinguished lineage of los Manueles, Aragón and Pacheco, established the capital of an extensive marquisate during many years, which had an influence on its history. Since then, the surrounding population has been increasing and settling around the nearby farm lands, shaping the Juan Carlos Ferrero Academy to what it is today.

Tennis Golf Gym Swimming

The Juan Carlos Ferrero Equelite Tennis Academy in Alicante, Spain offers various activities for tennis players and non-tennis players alike. Some of the things to do at the academy are:

  • Tennis training: The academy is known for its high-quality tennis coaching, and players of all levels can receive coaching from qualified professionals.
  • Fitness training: The academy has a fully equipped fitness center with professional trainers who can design individualized workout plans.
  • Yoga and meditation: The academy offers yoga and meditation classes for players who want to improve their mental and physical well-being.
  • Swimming: The academy has two outdoor swimming pools, one of which is heated, where players can relax and swim after a training session.
  • Paddle tennis: The academy has several paddle tennis courts for players who want to try a different racquet sport.
  • Cycling: The academy is located in a beautiful countryside setting, and there are cycling routes around the area for those who want to explore on two wheels.
  • Accommodation and dining: The academy has comfortable accommodation options for players and guests, and there are several dining options serving healthy and delicious food.

The Academy is located in an area of 120,000 square meters, which is a perfect place for players to achievetheir highest level regardless of age group.


Juan Carlos Ferrero-Equelite aims to help players sharpen their tennis skills, dedicating all the facilities exclusively to players of the Academy. Another advantage is the excellent weather which you can enjoy year-round, and it allows trainees to excel even in the most unforgiving conditions.


The Academy is well equipped with top notch facilities to make your stay and tennis experience an unforgettable one. Deluxe accommodation, fine dining facilities and state of the art amenities are a few of the features available at the JC Ferrero-Equelite Tennis Academy.

  • 10 Clay Courts
  • 7 Hard Courts
  • 1 Central Hard Court
  • 1 Indoor Hard Court
  • 1 Artificial Grass Court
  • 3 Indoor Paddle Tennis Courts
  • 2 Outdoor Paddle Tennis Courts
  • Beach Football / Volleyball Court
  • 400m Running Track
  • A Football Field with Natural Grass
  • A Golf Course & 9 Putting Holes
  • Golf Practice Facilities (Bunker, Putting Green, Approach Green, and Chipping Green)
  • Technogym Gym
  • The players residential area has single and double rooms with full board
  • Equelite Rural Hotel
  • School Center (Secondary/Bachelor/International)
  • Library
  • Players lounge
  • TV room
  • Internet cafe and restaurant
  • 2 swimming pools with gardens
  • Laundry
  • Physiotherapy
  • Clinic
  • Sports shop
  • Sauna and jacuzzi
  • Parking

Apart from tennis and sports-oriented activities, there are other options that Equelite offers you such as transfer from the airports or train stations, residence for parents, and other services.

The Academy has a quick and effective racquet string service, and a consulting and advising service in case of doubt or change of the racquet. This helps both young and seasoned tennis players understand their racquet and identify when they need to re-string it or change it completely.

The Academy provides transportation services (for transfer or collection) to the airports of Alicante and Valencia; and to the train stations in Villena, Alicante and Valencia. Furthermore, the trips for tournaments are always organized by the Academy's official cars, and are always chaperoned by a senior trainer.

Bank Accounts
The Academy helps you with the procedures to open an account in any of the banks of Villena. Moreover, the player could withdraw money from the reception of the Academy whenever he wants, with the authorization of the parents and the Academy.

The Academy manages and organizes the players' travel, tournaments, trips or holidays. Airplane tickets, train tickets, accommodation and all other details can be arranged by the Academy.

First-class rooms and accommodation options are available for parents and adults in the most exclusive area of the Academy. The restaurant is also separated from the players canteen in order to make you feel comfortable while you are staying and spending quality time with your children.

The Academy is not only characterized by its wonderful sports facilities but also by its peaceful rural hotel “Equelite”. You will find a nice large garden with a pool just a few meters away from the courts. Around this garden there are cozy wooden houses, all available for your to spend afternoons with your family and friends.