Group/Team Tennis Camp
Juan Carlos Ferrero Equelite Tennis Academy, Alicante
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  • Itinerary
  • Terms

The prices include

  • Accommodation in a four star room for adults or coaches at the Academy.
  • Individual or double room for players at the Academy.
  • Tennis training with our coaches (optional)
  • Fitness training (optional)
  • Service of physiotherapist
  • Management and changes of tickets/hotel
  • Management of transport
  • Use of facilities (optional)
  • Gifts and photos of Juan Carlos Ferrero and Nicolás Almagro if it is possible

The price does not include:

  • Sports material
  • Laundry
  • Sports massage
  • English lessons
  • Golf lessons
  • Strings
  • Individual lessons of tennis or paddle tennis
Things to do

The academy has special group programs during the year. This program changes according to the needs of the group: children or adults, families or companies, players who want to have tennis lesson organised by the academy's professional staff or just rent the facilities, players who want to train just in a sort of surface or in a concrete surface, tennis, paddle tennis or golf.

About the Academy

The JC Ferrero-Equelite Tennis Academy was founded by Antonio Martínez Cascales in 1995 to continue the work that he and a group of collaborators had been carrying out at several schools in the area since 1980. What started in 1995 as a modest and small Academy, with only two tennis courts and a gym, is now one of the best academies in the world. 

Apart from the amazing professional coaches working at the Academy, where many of them live to attend to the players full time, the Academy provides you with new, private and high quality facilities. 120000 m2 surface is specially and exclusively provided for the use and enjoyment of the players at the Academy. An important advantage of the Academy is that the programs are not crowded in order to offer the best quality. Furthermore, there are courts of all kind of surfaces and clay courts to work on a good tactical play and solid footwork.


The JC Ferrero-Equelite Tennis Academy is located in Villena, at the northwest of the province of Alicante, bordering at west on Castilla-La Mancha and Murcia, and at north on Valencia. It's an easily reachable location2 hours from Madrid by train, 30 minutes from Alicante by car, 20 minutes by train, 1 hour ​​from Valencia by car​.Villena is an old city and its most important monument is located at the top of the town: an ancient Arabic castle. At the foot of this fortress was established the original city centre. Since then, the surrounding population has been increasing and settling around the nearby farm lands. After the Reconquest the lords of the distinguished lineage of los Manueles, Aragón and Pacheco, established the capital of an extensive marquisate during many years, which had an influence on the national history.


The academy offers first-class rooms for parents and adults in the most exclusive area of the Academy, as well as a restaurant separated from the players canteen in order to make you feel comfortable while you are staying and visiting your children. Equelite is not only characterized by its wonderful sports facilities but also by its peaceful Rural Hotel “Equelite”. A few meters from the courts you can find a nice large garden with a pool. Around this garden there are cozy wooden houses.

This rural hotel is part of the Academy of high performance in which some of the best tennis players in the world, such as Juan Carlos Ferrero, Nicolás Almagro or Tita Torró, train. So, apart from enjoying this wonderful environment, you can enjoy a great variety of sports such as tennis, paddle tennis, cycling, running, football or golf at any level.The wooden houses are ensuite, have a small terrace and views to the garden, television, Wi-Fi, laundry service, air conditioning and private parking. For pricing and booking contact us via [email protected] 


Enquire with your travel dates and services required and we will get back to you with an offer asap.

Terms & Conditions

The application will be considered formalized, once the registration has been signed and 30% of the total price of the course has been paid. The remainder of the payment must be paid fully, at least two weeks before the beginning of the course. 

In case of cancellation, the following refunds will be allowed:

  • If the cancellation is made four weeks before the start of the course, 100% of the amount paid will be refunded.
  • If the cancellation is made two weeks before and less than four weeks of the start of the course, 75% of the amount paid will be refunded.
  • If the cancellation is made less than two weeks before the start of the course, the sum will not be refunded. The same rule will apply if the applicant leaves the course for whatever reason, even for illness and if the course has already started.

Any amounts not refunded may be used towards payment of a future course during the following calendar year.

VAT is included in all the prices.

Insurance cover 

The Academy has a collective insurance which covers bodily accidents because of the practicing and learning of tennis. All the players of the academy are being insured for the period of the program without additional cost. Unlimited medical care for an accident in FIATC centers; permanent disability and death until 18,030.36€.

Trip conditions

The players and their guardians are aware that sports and social activities can lead to travel outside JCFERRERO-EQUELITE SPORT ACADEMY and any kind of travel involves certain risks; risks (negligent or otherwise) that assume, exemption from any liability that may arise from such risks to the Academy, collaborating companies, employees, coaches and other players.


The players and their guardians resign to waive legal action against JCFERRERO-EQUELITE SPORT ACADEMY, collaborative companies and coaches for any loss, damage or injury (including death), the player and the family could suffer for participation in the program, sports activities (involving dangerous conditions with the consequent danger of injury), educational and/or social and/or use the facilities of the academy, as well as those that might happen by their mere presence or stay at the Academy and/or activities that it organizes either on the premises of the Academy or out of it, even if it was caused by a third party or by other players.

Personal image

The players and their guardians consent and authorize the underage can be photographed and videotaped, either at the academy or away, while they are participating in daily activities. We also consent and authorize the Academy and collaborating companies that can use, in the manner and time they deem appropriate, without any compensation these images without consent.