Tennis Holidays, Croatia

Tennis Holidays Croatia provides you highest quality bespoke tennis coaching holidays. Tennis coaching by the sea, exciting activities, leisure time - you choose what you want, how and when you want it. Our proven track record is backed by our clients outstanding reviews. That makes us confident in saying we give you the best in class tennis holidays in Europe.

Practice tennis. Enjoy the beach. Explore Croatia. All on your terms. Magical Croatian coast is the most magnificent place to improve your tennis skills. With us you can enjoy a full range of tennis coaching holidays. Tennis holidays for singles, families or couples. Social tennis. Tennis lessons for beginners, amateurs or professionals. All ages, levels or group sizes. Our tennis coaches have extensive international experience as competitive players and professional coaches. Our approach is individual and we focus on your needs. We strive to give you a perfect tennis coaching holiday. Nothing less than what you deserve.


  • Top-notch tennis coaching by the sea.
  • Fun classes for all levels - singles, couples, and families.
  • Tailored coaching programs for a perfect learning experience.
  • Great hotels with beachside tennis courts and natural surroundings, close to airports.
  • Croatia offers so much more, explore it in our tennis+ options.
  • we are locals, with invaluable insider knowledge on hidden gems of Croatia.
Tennis Watersports

As the focus of Tennis Holidays Croatia is tennis coaching, the main activity to do here is playing tennis. However, there are also several other activities you can do during your stay, including:

  • Beach time: Croatia has some stunning beaches, and Tennis Holidays Croatia offers several locations where you can enjoy the sun and the sea.
  • Explore the local area: The resort is located in the beautiful Istrian region of Croatia, which offers plenty of opportunities for hiking, cycling, and exploring charming towns and villages.
  • Sample the local cuisine: Croatia is known for its delicious food and wine, and Tennis Holidays Croatia can arrange for you to experience traditional dishes at local restaurants and vineyards.
  • Relax and rejuvenate: If you need a break from tennis, you can unwind with a massage or spa treatment at one of the nearby wellness centers.
  • Water sports: There are also several water sports activities available, such as kayaking, paddleboarding, and sailing.

Facilities that Tennis Holidays Croatia offer:

  • Tennis courts: Tennis Holidays Croatia has access to a range of tennis courts, including clay, hard, and carpet courts, and works with partners to ensure the highest quality of facilities.
  • Accommodation: Tennis Holidays Croatia offers a variety of accommodation options, from 4-star hotels to private apartments and villas, to suit different needs and budgets.
  • Coaching and training: The company offers coaching and training programs for players of all levels, from beginners to advanced, delivered by experienced and qualified coaches.
  • Video analysis: Tennis Holidays Croatia provides video analysis services to help players improve their technique and performance.
  • Fitness and conditioning: The company offers fitness and conditioning programs designed to improve players' physical strength, agility, and endurance.
  • Excursions and activities: Tennis Holidays Croatia can organize excursions and activities for players and their families, including sightseeing, wine tasting, and boat trips.
  • Transfers: Tennis Holidays Croatia can arrange airport transfers and transportation to and from the tennis courts and accommodation.

Please note that the specific facilities offered may vary depending on the package and location chosen.