Barcelona Total Tennis, Barcelona

About Barcelona Total Tennis Academy:

BTT TENNIS ACADEMY is a high performance center situated in the Club Esportiu Valldoreix in the town of Valldoreix near Barcelona. The principle aim is an integral preparation of student- tennis players of all standards and ages, looking to achieve their personal development as well as academic and optimum athletic skill enrichment.

Francis Roig, Alvaro Margets and Jordi Vilaró founded BTT Tennis Academy on 2004. Francis is the second coach of Rafa Nadal for the last 8 years; Alvar Margets is former technical director of the Catalan Tennis Federation and Jordi Vilaró former Spanish Davis Cup captain. BTT TENNIS ACADEMY is focused on ensuring that all their student-players particular individual needs are satisfied with customized training programs offering world-class sports instruction and training and the necessary guidance and coaching to reach the highest competitive level.

Joao Sousa, Sloane Stephens, Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, Teimuraz Gabashvili, Feliciano Lopez, Fernando Verdasco, Marcel Granollers, Tommy Robredo are just some examples of top international players that have all put their trust in our Academy over many years. In BTT TENNIS ACADEMY, each player is a project and as proof of this, personalized attention is provided for each player with a maximum of two players per coach per court, one of the aspects, which best defines the quality of our highly individual coaching programs.

Collaboration with Rafael Nadal:

BTT TENNIS ACADEMY has maintained a collaboration agreement with one of the world´s top players, Rafa Nadal, with Francis forming part of the technical team that oversees and assesses this top world player. Led by Toni Nadal, this technical team leads and directs the training sessions and accompanies the player to all the different tournaments that Rafa plays in. Francis specifically oversees Rafa’s training sessions in Spain and during some weeks of the year also during tournaments abroad. In this way BTT TENNIS ACADEMY reaffirms its position on the professional circuit at the highest possible level and confirms itself as an academy in search of the highest athletic performance. 


Francis Roig-Technical Director:

Founding member of the academy in 2004. Highest ATP individual ranking nº 50 and nº 20 in doubles. Spanish Davis Cup team coach and winner of the Davis Cup Trophy in 2009. 

Jordi Vilaro-Director:

Founding member of the academy in 2004. RFET National Coach. Félix Mantilla´s coach for 11 years, and also trainer of many top players including Feliciano Lopez, Fernando Verdasco, Tommy Robredo and Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova. Davis Cup captain in the year 2000 when the Spanish team won the Davis Cup title for the first time. 

Alvaro Margets-General Manager:

 Founding member of the academy in 2004. RFET National Coach. Technical Director of the Catalan Tennis Federation in Barcelona for more than 15 years.

Alberta Riba-Sports Coordinator:

RFET National Coach. Technical coach in the National Tennis Centre, Sports Director and founder of the Centre for High Performance (CAR), occupying the position of Managing Director for the last 5 years.

Head Coaches:

  • Frederico Marques
  • Marc Garcia
  • Gaston Escofet
  • Spiros Dimogianis
  • Jose Luis Lopez
  • Bernat Más
  • Norman Just
  • Claas Buck
  • Pipo Maresma
  • Ernest Comas

Physical Trainers:

  • Marc Marti
  • Lucho Munafo

Tennis Programmes:

Permanent Training Programmes:

BTT Tennis Academy specialises in both men´s and women’s high performance tennis. Those student-players who join the Permanent Training Programme ( mínimum 6 month stay ), receive “full time coaching and supervision” in both the academy and in the tournaments that they compete in. The programme is limited to a maximum number of 25 players so that a fully personalised service can be guaranteed. To be eligible for this programme the requirements are:

  • professional attitude
  • discipline
  • correct behavior both on and off the court
  • potential to improve. 

Temporary Traning Programme:
This programme is open to all those student-players who are interested in taking part in a BTT Tennis Academy work program for short periods of time, weekly or monthly.
BTT has designed this special “fine-tuning” programme for all those student-players who wish to combine intensive training for short periods of time with all the integrated services that BTT offers.

Group Programmes:
BTT Tennis Academy is specialised in looking after the needs of groups, both juniors and adults, who wish to train and improve their tennis skills while combining their stay with other touristic, leisure or cultural activities. Depending on the number of people, level and objectives, BTT has a variety of integrated programmes which can be adapted to the particular needs of each group.

Personalized Programme:

BTT Tennis Academy can adapt itself to the needs of every player in order to provide him/her with exactly what they need at any given moment. The personalized programmes are designed with one sole objective, namely that of adapting themselves to the requirements of each player depending on their characteristics and their aims. 

Individual Classes

Francis Roig, Joan Aguilera, Àlvaro Margets and Jordi Vilaró are available to give individual or shared clases to those players who wish to improve their level by means of a personalised work programme directed by a qualified coach of international prestige. These individual classes can also form part of any of the aforementioned programmes.


BTT Tennis Academy is located 20 minutes from the center of Barcelona and well communicated by road and by train. BTT Tennis Academy has its own transport service, which is used on a daily basis to take players to the Academy for their training sessions and in those cases where public transport is not necessary is used for transportation to and from the train station or airport when playing in tournaments.

Tennis Gym Swimming Spa

The Goofy Club is a fun club where young children can participate in a variety of activities, under the supervision of their instructors, while their parents are playing their favorite sport at the Club. The activities include games, crafts, movies, etc. The children have fun, forget to miss mom and dad and look forward to joining in again the coming weekend.

The Club provides a racket stringing service from Monday to Saturday under the supervision of Xavi Segura, who does the stringing for the Spanish Davis Cup Team and offers his services to the best tennis players of Spain.

Sports Area:

  • Coaching in different sports disciplines, through sport schools and private training courses
  • Organization of sports and social competitions for club members
  • Participation of club members in teams that compete representing our club in Catalonia tournaments
  • Organization of top level “Open” sport events at the club
  • Boosting participation and integration of new members 

Tennis: The club has 18 tennis courts and 4 mini-tennis courts. The central court has a grandstand with seating capacity for 150 spectators.

Padle: The Club has 11 glass paddle tennis courts. The central court is a World Paddle Tour court.

Soccer: The Club has a Football 7 artificial turf pitch. More than 60 players participate in different categories and football leagues on a yearly basis.

Fitness: The club has 3 fitness rooms and over 400 sq m in facilities with leading brands equipment, such as Technogym, Keiser and Salter.

Tennis and Beach Volleyball: The Club has a standard-sized beach volley and beach tennis court, situated in the swimming pool area. This is a perfect place to celebrate sport events, to train and to play these sports during the Summer Camp.

Swimming: The Club has a 25 x 12 outdoor swimming pool open from May to September. Thanks to a special agreement, CEV members can also use the indoor swimming pool of the local sports body, Complex Esportiu de Valldoreix, to swim or to attend swimming courses all year round.

Social Area: The club has two social activity rooms for board games, card games, etc. There is also a giant screen which allows members to enjoy certain sporting events and some comfortable sofas that provide a place to relax, read and chat.

Events: Our club organises a wide range of social activities, which attract a considerable number of members.
For the young children, the club organises the Parade of the Three Wise Men, a Halloween party and the Carnival. Members of all ages can participate in social events and activities such as New Year’s Eve, Sant Joan bonfire night, La Castañada (chestnut feast), the Oktoberfest, or La Calçotada (spring onion festival).

The Club 1967: The Club restaurant offers 4 service areas:

  • Bar 
  • Restaurant
  • Chill Out
  • Lounge Bar

The Bar is open every day and serves soft drinks, snacks, sandwiches, coffees .

The Restaurant is open every day for lunch and on Friday and Saturday evening. It offers a daily menu and an à la carte service. Special social events such as first communions and birthday parties are also organized by the restaurant.

The Chill Out and sitting areas are a fantastic place for a drink and a bite on a sunny day or for a barbeque with a group of friends.

The Lounge Bar is open Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday. During the day you can have a swim, get tanned, play beach volley/tennis and have a drink and a snack. In the evening (Friday and Saturday), you can have a drink and listen to music, chat or relax in a quiet atmosphere. 

Business Center: The Club has a Business Centre Room for business meetings. The meeting room is fully equipped with sofas, a meeting table, computers, a printer, a projector and a screen, an express coffee machine, bar service.

BTT TENNNIS ACADEMY has set up a structure that is able to control all the factors that directly influence the development of a high performance sportsman/woman, allowing our student-players to concentrate all 100% of their efforts on the task of improving every aspect of their game.The main services that BTT TENNNIS ACADEMY offers are as follows :

Coaching:Each student-player is integrated into a group which works under the supervision of a trainer who in turn is supervised by a team of Academy directors. The coaching service includes the implementation, supervision and practice of a work program created specifically for each student-player.

Physical training:The well known team of professionals from BTT TENNNIS ACADEMY, directed by David Rodriguez, is highly specialised in the physical preparation of our student-players and focuses on achieving their highest possible performance. The physical training programmes are designed to be able to adapt themselves to the physical characteristics of each student-player.

Psychology:BTT TENNNIS ACADEMY provides a sports psychology department for all its student-players directed by Ana Soares. 

Medical Services:The student-players in BTT have the best possible medical services available in Barcelona thanks to an agreement between our academy and the medical team of Doctor Angel Ruiz Cotorro, a prestigious and internationally recognized figure working and looking after the medical interests of top level tennis players like Rafa Nadal, David Nalbandian, David Ferrer, Maria Jose Martinez, etc. 

Physiotherapy service:BTT provides a physiotherapy service to all those student-players in the Academy that need or channel requests for it through the Physical Preparation Director. 

Transport:BTT TENNNIS ACADEMY has its own transport service which is used on a daily basis to take players to the Academy for their training sessions and in those cases where public transport is not necessary is also used for transportation to and from the train station or airport when playing in tournaments. 

Stringing service:We provide the best and most prestigious racket stringing service in all of Spain. Main Draw, a company directed and managed by Xavi Segura, provides this service as well as being the official stringer for the Spanish Davis Cup and Fed Cup teams. 

Visa Support:BTT TENNNIS ACADEMY provides administration and secretarial services to all those players who require help with flight reservations, visas, tournament inscriptions, etc.

Managment:Available to those players who wish to use the “Management” service that BTT TENNNIS ACADEMY offers and which provides important advantages such as the granting of wild cards, obtaining sponsors and material / equipment, the organisation of exhibitions, etc 

Internet:Upon prior authorisation, free internet access is available in the secretary’s office for specific needs.

Other facilities:

  • 16 Clay courts
  • 2 hard “Green-set” courts
  • 4 Mini-Tennis courts
  • 11 Paddle courts
  • 1 football field, artificial grass
  • Gym. Fitness room. Physiotherapy.
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Bar – Restaurant
  • Reading room – library
  • Study rooms