The embodiment of this for any tennis lover is a tennis holiday package that is available at various tennis resorts and camps all over the world dedicated to helping you hone your skills on the court, and have loads of fun off the court with new friends that have similar interests as you.

Tennis holidays for singles are particularly great for your social life as you get to meet, play and hang out with other singles from all over the world,. So even when you holiday alone, it soon feels like you're with a bunch of old friends!

It doesn't hurt either that you get to keep (or get) your body in great shape as well. Quick fact: The American Dietetic Association estimates that recreational players can burn 600 to 1,300 calories per two-hour singles session! Fat be gone!

Singles Tennis Holidays in Spain

In Barcelona, Spain there is a one day adult tennis program at the Academia Sanchez-Casal that gives two hours of training on court for only $147. This program is available all year round Monday to Friday. From September to June - known as the Winter Season - the program is held in the morning whereas in the Summer Season spanning the end of June to August the 2 hour training is in the afternoon.

Do you have a weekend set aside with tennis on your mind? If so, then the 3 Day Weekend Warriors Package at the La Manga Club, Murcia is tailor made for you. The multi award winning club offers 6 hours filled with tennis coaching followed by 4 hours of match play over the span of 3 days; Friday to Sunday. This intensive weekend, at $230 will bring out that competitive edge in you.

For a more intensive program at the same La Manga Club, Murcia, there are 5 day stretches from Monday to Friday. These run every week of the year with the aim of aiming of improving every aspect of one's tennis game. One can opt for either a half day training schedule at $245 and full day at $390.

Singles Tennis Holidays in Argentina

The Academia Clerc, Buenos Aires is perfect for those who would like to perfect their technique on a clay court. The one week training camp offers an intensive program that will see you become master of clay given that you will be taking instructions from a seasoned professional in the form the Argentinian former World Number 4 singles player Jose Luis Clerc. For $710, you can up your game in a week.

Singles Tennis Holidays in Thailand

In the mood for exotic luxury? The Amazing Outrigger Laguna Beach Resort Phuket offers the perfect blend of a good tennis work out and the luxurious indulgence the exotic environment of the resort has to offer. The Director of Tennis sets aside 10 hours of one on one tennis instruction during your stay. There is also 30 minute game assessment as well as gifts.

Singles Tennis Holidays in USA

For the ladies, Cliff Drysdale Ladies Tennis Retreat held in Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort, Florida is the perfect way to unwind as well as get in some tennis workout in May and October. For $1875 world class tennis directors are on hand to share their expert advice and thereafter the luxurious accommodations and the Florida oceanfront will work on those tired muscles.

There are many singles tennis holidays and the above do not even begin to scratch the surface.

So what are you waiting for? Find the one that suits you best!